And here it ends: Amsterdam

imageAnd here it ends: Amsterdam

In an Amsterdam coffee shop ‘the DOORS’
Hope you enjoyed the blog as much as I had suffered uploading these photos with poor wifi!


4 thoughts on “And here it ends: Amsterdam

  1. Hi Sweeties, I loved your blog! End? Where are you heading from there? What’s your next adventure? Where do we have to travel to see you? Miss ya. Love Sandra

    • Sweetie… Tell me you are in berlin? Next is Berlin, ramallah then back to Spain where the next one is awaiting for us and for windsurfers like you 🙂 its about time to surf together

  2. My favorite olives are not not just existing in the world but actually LIVING N the world that was created for us to ENJOY.
    My favorite video is the one of you two rugrats drinking coffee with mountains in the background. Alice pouring coffee, with katie wearing a Worzel Gummidge hat. (Just the hat reminded me of him katie nothing else LOL!)
    Thank you for sharing this!
    It was really special.

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