And here it ends: Amsterdam

imageAnd here it ends: Amsterdam

In an Amsterdam coffee shop ‘the DOORS’
Hope you enjoyed the blog as much as I had suffered uploading these photos with poor wifi!


Galicia & Asturia, Spain

Heading north east, we crossed Galicia (the country of the thousands rivers) with a mix of hills, mountains and coast line. from there we crossed to Asturia province, visiting the ‘holy cave‘ in Covadonga that is beaitifully located between two mountains.


Holy cave , Cavadonga


Summer of love

This movie is dedicated to all the hippy community we have met throughout the trip. Inspired by the movie ‘psych-out’ (with a better ending though).
Track: my favourate ‘white Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane’ . With love, cornflower!

Back to Portugal

Efforts to re-unite with our campervan in Lisboa were successful. 🙂 now we are in Peniche on the west coast. They call it the surfers’ mecca and it is obvoiusly the surfers’ hub with incredible waves, clifs and nature that is left alone with no man’s hand to destroy it. Thank you Portugal for keeping hotels out of your reach.