Spain:punta Umbrîa, Huelva

Spain:punta Umbrîa, Heulva

We met the most cheerful chiringuito ‘costa recife ‘(and if you don’t know what is Chiringuito, just look for any bar on a beach along the coast and order tortilla de cameron- da best….)
They just proudly planted an olive tree outside and wanted a blessing from Palestine’s olive trees 🙂 so we watered the tree with some olive oil that my mom has sent me from the village. We will wait 10 years and come to check on it.


Hot springs!

Hot springs!

Go to Granada, great …. Tour the old city, have kanja and a tapa, check out street flamenco shows….Then head to ‘Sant De Fe’ at 5am for a rave in between the olives grove and natural hot springs!!! Make sure policija won’t know about the party.

Catalonia here we come

It took us 12 hours on the road from the coast of Italy, crossing French Riviera  and finally getting to Catalonia!

Our first stop in Catalonia was in cape de creos which is a beautiful national park full of mountains, beaches and bays. we stopped in a village called Cadaques when a  nice gentleman approached  Alex and asked if he needed help. He was a German man who explained to us that campervans are not allowed in the village. He offered to host the yellow bus on his property for the night. We gladly agreed and drove behind him on top of a hill not knowing that he actually lives on top of a stunning hill overlooking bays and mountains. Klaus and  Monica invited us to take a swim in their pool on the terrace and Charlie the dog and Piggy the wild bore kept sniffing around us.

Cape de creos region is highly recommended, most of the beaches don’t allow camping but lots of campervans take the chance and stay overnight. Afterwards, we drove to Girona to meet Laura and Xabi for a night in the old city ( if you visit the city, stop in an ayurovedic restaurant called La Terra in the old city),  then we drove to a small village besides a town called Vic, where we spent two days at their place with a real bedroom and showers 🙂 hurray.


Laura & Xabi house
September 11th is a national day for the Catalan people and this year is a special year where people hold hands and walk on the streets (don’t really know why)  and we spent it in a beach called Cala S’Alguer -in Costa Brava- surrounded by sandy beaches and magnificent hiking trails.  Getting fit for a party in Barcelona this weekend!

Linden Tree Retreat

Finally we meet Croats…..

After one month in Croatia where our encounters with the locals were almost close to zero, we left the coast and went up the mountains towards Gospic town. We stopped in a small village called Velica Plana and went to the ‘Linden tree retreat and ranch ‘ to woof for a week. A beautiful ranch made with love and owned by a Croatian – American man who wanted to fulfill one of his dreams of living in the nature while honoring everything mother nature has given him. His beautiful horses spend their days and nights in the nature and not locked in a stable. Each one of them has his/her own personality: Atali is a leader, Storm cloud and River Dance are buddies and like to stay together during the ride, and baby Luna runs around every body freely. We met incredible people and we thank them all for the amazing time at the ranch: Ina, Tanja, Darko, Majida and of course Bruce the owner.


We spent mornings chopping and collecting wood and evenings in the staff housing preparing meals, drinking local beer and chatting until the small hours of the night ( which is basically 9 pm!)


We heard so many stories about the magical forest that villagers believe that it has a strong unique energy of its own. We hiked to there one evening and passed through a cave to the source of the spring which feeds the whole village. The trees suddenly had twisted shapes and I felt that the air smelled different as if we have entered la la land.


Korčula Island : Back to Croatia

We went back to croatia after sarajevo and went straight to korčula island where we stayed in korčula town for the first night. The town is very lovely with narrow streets and houses on the water. we biked to lumbarda town where we found deserted beaches with spiky rocks. We met Marlen and daniel and we drove to camp there for the following two nights, where we also met a Catalonian campervaners Xavi and Laura. Together we explored the west Side of the island close to vela luka town and after two hours of driving around looking to crash on a beach, we found a nice spot surrounded by olive and figs trees. And another Swiss travellers  joined the party and we all rented a boat to explore small and deserted beaches.


Vela Luka Village

Korčula Island is the social hub where we met other travellers and made new friendships especially the campervans community.

DSC_2653 _DSC2602 DSC_2568

Sarajevo, Bosnia

After a wild camping night in one of the villages in Bosnia -besides some deserted houses- on the way to the capital, I arrived at my friend’s home in east Sarajevo. Her grandpa greeted me with a big smile and generously cut a big branch of a tree so the yellow bus wil park safely.

wild camping Sarajivo

Wild camping night in a Bosnian village.

Scenes of deserted houses and bullets marks still hunt Sarajevo and blend oddly with the celebration of the film festival.
The old city is fascinating , as simple as it is. Full of memories of the Othman Empire with oriental design, colours and smells. The Bosnian coffee gives a taste of the turkish aroma is the local coffee that is served in any place. The national food that is the chabab brings me be back to my roots.



Sarajevo-Old City IMG_1204

The capital is humble, simple with modest houses that lay on the hill surrounding the city centre. Empty houses highlight the terror of the war and maybe it is a sign perhaps to reconcile, perhaps to remember what‘s like to survive a war, to forgive and