Down to the sea

Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia.


Best kept-secret of Europe: Montenegro (the road to Sarajevo)

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From coastal Croatia, we drove to Montenegro along the bay area, after a night camping at ‘Full monte’- a naturist camp owned by a British lovely couple. If you get there, check the old city of the medieval town Kotar along the bay, encircled by walls and fortresses.
The road to Sarajevo had two routes: through the tunnel which is faster and easier or passing through the mountains crossing 26 curves and steep slopes that takes you to national parks and the beauty of Montenegro. the bay, long chains of mountains and farms.

The road from Slovenian alpes to Croatia’s coast

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Wild camping

Wild camping



The 5am trip started after wild camping in lake Bohinj in Slovenja. We started descending through mountains crossing towns and villages in a cold fresh morning when the mist hasn’t vanished yet.

Smell of fresh air, pine trees and endless view of fields, mountains, hills and
farms. The road wasn’t as hard as we had imagined.
After almost 3 hours we reached Croatia. We didn’t know if there will
be a ‘checkpoint’ between Slovenja and Croatia but it was. A huge line
up of travellers mostly from Austria escaping to the coast. Having a german plate on our car, makes us Germans! Everyone approaches us in German and we
appologize for not catching the language in one year.
We reached krk island visiting some towns and nude beaches when heat
almost touched 40 degrees. All we want to do is to dive into the water
until sunset. Campervan is boiling and we know that, so we tried to keep
out until starvation.

After easy wild camping in Slovenja, we had to squeeze like sardines in a Croatian campsite that is basically a big villlage surrounded by olive trees and sea view.

In later nights we discovered that fkk camps (nude beaches) can get wild! With almost no one on the beach, we found so many spots to camp. There are few of them on krk
island but only one was for free and it was in krk city itself!